It's our advantage to bring you to the dealership and waste hours of your life before discussing price.  That's how dealerships make more money.  The more time that dealerships can suck from your day, the more you are invested in the process, and the more you will pay for a vehicle.  Psychology 101.  In fact, most dealerships won't negotiate unless it's in person for that reason.

We flipped that tactic on its head.  🙌🏻  

One of our core tenants is efficiency.  Efficiency for you and efficiency for us.  We built our software to give back what no one has enough of -- time.

It starts with our ads.  We give you an incredible amount of detailed pictures, a driving video, and a complete inspection report with even more pictures and video.  We aren't kidding when we say you know more about our vehicle from your bedroom than test driving it.  
Because you have such good knowledge of the product, you can go through our online negotiation with high confidence.  While sitting in your living room, you'll know if test driving is a complete waste of time if we cannot agree on price!  Maybe the most you'd ever pay for a certain vehicle is $10,000, and we are unable to get that low.  You just saved a ton of time and aggravation knowing that from home than after hour 6 at the traditional dealership.

But if we can make a deal, you saved time again!  Come down, test drive it, and experience it all you like.  We'll have the paperwork done and car ready.  Then if you want to buy it, hand us the cashier's check, sign the paperwork, and you are driving your new car in 5 minutes!  Your fast food order takes longer.

The only caveat is the deposit.  Our vehicles remain for sale until there's a deposit, and we sell world wide.  On multiple occasions test driving customers didn't leave deposits and an online customer did.  Pretty disappointing to come back from the test drive to have us take the keys and say it's no longer for sale, but we need to be fair to everyone, and if someone thousands of miles away was willing to make a deposit and the local buyer wasn't, the vehicle must go to them.

We love the process and hope you'll agree!  And we're always interested in your feedback, so let us know how we're doing!

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